Welcome To Greenville and Beyond

Greenville and Beyond is a web project designed to present research on the music which came out of Greenville Mississippi from the early 1960s on and is linked through the involvement of Henry Reginald Hines and Lynn’s Productions.  Ultimately I hope to incorporate a complete discography of vinyl record releases, label shots and short sound clips to document this prolific family of record releases. 

The sheer quantity of releases and labels is one reason to delve into this research.  Another is the relationships linking New Orleans, Greenville, Atlanta, Albuquerque and Chicago which led to a number of cross-releases by artists from different regions.  There are also a number of Hines related songs/productions which appear on otherwise unrelated labels.  I also think a lot of the records are very good examples of mid 1960s R&B related music.  Finally, the discography seems to be a relatively uncharted, tangled mess which would be a good challenge to unravel and track.  This is made all the more mysterious by the total disappearance of all the main people involved in these operations.

If you can help me to add release info, label scans, sound clips or know the whereabouts of any of the people who were involved in producing these records please get in touch.  Email krisholmes2@gmail.com if you have info to add or correct.


One thought on “Home

  1. johnniekblog says:

    Congratulations Mr Holmes on your blogspot, your great show on Radio Ponsonby and your excellent mix on the Funky 16 Corners. I will follow your research into the Greenville Mississippi records with great interest. Would it be possible for you to create a playlist of the records you play on the Radio Ponsonby show on this site or somewhere else or even do a podcast of your show. Keep up the great work. Johnnie K Auckland New Zealand

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