Alice Thomas

Odex 1044 – A Girl’s Tears / I’m Coming Home (1967)

Alice Thomas serves up a nice deep ballad here with I’m Coming Home, I dig the guitar on this one as well as those signature wobbly horns.  Alice Thomas was a local Greenville singer who answered a flyer advertisement from Lynn’s looking for local talent to record.  She followed the flyer instructions to Lynn’s One-Stop on Muscadine St. where she met Lynn & Vicki Williams. 

The Odex 45 was recorded in 1967 when Thomas was just 19 years old.  She was given the lyric to “I’m Coming Home” by Lynn’s and “A Girl’s Tears/No Tears” was provided by one of the studio musicians at the session.  The tracks were recorded at a studio in Tupelo Mississippi.  Alice was never paid for her work and was unable to even find copies to purchase for her friends and family.  Lynn’s offered a lot of promises (including a shot on Soul Train) which never eventuated and she soon cut ties with Hines, Williams and their company.  But before cutting ties completely Alice Thomas also recorded two more unreleased tracks for Lynn’s titled “I Must Be Losing Your Love” and “The Drop” but the Odex 45 is her only release. 

In 1975, Hines once again contacted Thomas who was by now living in Columbus Ohio about making another record.  Remembering her prior experiences she declined and continued singing gospel in her church.  These days Alice Thomas is Alice Bell and still lives in Columbus.  Her son Quincy Reed is a gospel recording artist.


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