Arthur Strong & The Pearl Gospel Singers

Landra 133-476 – Oh Lord Keep Me In Your Care / He’s Mighty Good Lead

Landra 133-477 –  He’s Bigger Than You & I/We Used To Have A Good Time

Arthur Strong Landra_477A

Landra 133-? – You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me Lord / Everyday Will Be Like Sunday

Out of Moorehead Mississippi (not too far away from Greenville), Brother Arthur Strong lead the Pearl Gospel Singers through 40 years of music making.  The group toured extensively and continued to record throughout that time.  The Landra 45s date from around 1970 and see Hines & Williams sharing songwriting & production credits with the group.   Their “He’s Bigger Than You & I” 45 also saw release on Designer Records around the same period as the Landra release but I am unsure which pressing is the first.  Sadly, Arthur Strong passed away in 2011.

Check out these more recent Youtube clips of Arthur Strong
He Is Real
Hang Up Your Hang Ups

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