Bill Sinigal

White Cliffs 200 – Second Line

Bill Sinigal White Cliffs

Bill Sinigal (misspelt as Sinigai on the label) was a bandleader who contributed this famous track to the considerable canon of Mardi-Gras classics.  Coming from his only recording session, this was the only track which he cut that saw release.  It was first out of the gate on Cosimo Matassa’s newly-formed White Cliffs label.

Sinigal was a bassist & saxophonist who was active from the 1950s through the 1970s, primarily as a gigging musician more than a session musician.  Because of this he is not widely remembered these days.  Stints backing Guitar Slim & a position in the house band at the Dew Drop Inn kept Sinigal busy until he formed his own band, The Skyliners in the early 60s.

Second Line dates from a 1964 session brokered by Hines.  Among the musicians on the record, Milton Batiste is the trumpeter, James Rivers is on tenor & Sinigal handles the bass duties.


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