Bobby Williams

bobby williams

MTVH 3737 – Funky Superfly (1974)

REW 3737 – Funky Superfly

REW 3738 – Soul Party

Robert Moore was born in South Carolina but raised in Washington DC.  By the late 50s he was based in Orlando, Florida and proceeded to make a name for himself as Bobby Williams.  These mid-70s sides were cut in Florida and display a heavy James Brown influence (not a bad thing).  These tracks initially appeared on the Duplex label but were given releases by the Cottage Grove distributorship in Chicago on their in-house MTVH & REW labels.   Soul Party sometimes goes by the title Soul Brother Party, on the Funky Superfly LP and the recent Jazzman 7″ boxset.  Bobby Williams has at least one later record on ARC out of Georgia, another on Sun Burst out of Florida & earlier 45s on Tropical out of Florida as well as Duplex.  The ones pictured on this page ar great, cheap funk 45s which should be in your collection if you’re into this sort of stuff.  As his music career wound up in the 80s, Bobby often worked as a chef back in Orlando before passing away in 1992.

2 thoughts on “Bobby Williams

  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Is he the same guy who made “I’m depending on you” & “Tell it To My Face” both of which were cut in Detroit I believe.

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