Carolyn Faye

Reginald 8671 – Oh Baby I’m Yours/That’s All I Need Baby

Carolyn Faye and husband Eddie “Cozy” Corley hailed from Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Corley was a well regarded DJ & bandleader who fell in with Hines for a while, recording in New Orleans for Lynn’s Productions.  The Reginald 45 is two strong soul ballad sides which date from the mid 60s.  She has an earlier 45 on Marathon.  Hines appears to have got the titles of the songs confused on the labels of both Faye’s Reginald and Corley’s Bo-Bo 45s, which suggests they were released at the same time.  Corley’s I Need A Woman is likely supposed to be titled “That’s All I Need Baby” while Faye’s “That’s All I Need Baby” is more likely to be “Come On Home To Me” or something else.  Faye and Corley went on to record for Malaco in the late-60s.

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