Chocolate Syrup

MVTH 3832 – Everybody Party / Who You Trying To Fool Girl (1973)

A record which you get one mid-70s party funk side backed with a sweet group ballad.  Quality stuff originally out of Saginaw, MI & featuring LJ Reynolds.  Their other releases look to be on New Jersey/New York based labels, however the Reginald publishing credit makes an appearance on the label of this MVTH Chicago press.  This is another record which appears to be an outside production pressed for distribution by the MVTH distributorship in Chicago.  This 45 saw two other releases on Ira (New Jersey) & BLHE and I believe the Ira release is the original.   The group has other 45s on Lawton, Ira & Brown Dog (New York), with another of the Ira 45s being re-released nationally by Avco.  LJ (Larry “Chubby”) Reynolds of course has solo stuff prior & after Chocolate Syrup & was also a member of The Dramatics & The Relations.


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