Dungill Sisters

Reginald 1489 – I’m Your Puppet On A String /People Are Getting Worried Tina

The Dungill Sisters came out of The Dungill Family, a touring family orchestra of the two parents (Doyle & Evette) & their seven children (Alexander, Elaine, Melody, Gerald, Charles aka “Cookie”, Gloria & Harriette). The family was based out of Chicago’s Morgan Park community & all family members were proficient vocalists & instrumentalists over a range of genres. Members of the family were active as early as 1932 performing as Dante & His Shadows. By the late 1940s the Dungill Family Orchestra was active & touring the US (the segregated South, East & West coasts) & continued working through the 1960s. Doyle Dungill also worked in community musical outreach, including teaching his original musical play version of Snow White to children at the Ida B Wells Housing Project & developing his own “Dungill Method Of Music” as a streamlined way of learning music for adults & children. The group also presented themed performances showcasing the indigenous music of Africa (“Africa Through Music” & “Africa Calling”). This is the only record I’ve ever seen by them & I’m not sure which of the sisters actually appear on it. This record isn’t R&B but instead is two sides of socially aware pop.  Hines has writing credits for this record and it bears the VH&L Chicago distribution address.  It probably dates from the late 60s. In 2000 Elaine & Gloria Dungill donated the family papers documenting their history of musical accomplishments to the University of Chicago where it now resides in the Research Collection of Afro-American History & Literature.

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