Eddie Powers

Eddie Powers (300x281)

Sims 167 – Gypsy Woman Told Me/Somebody Told Me

Eddie Powers Sims (298x300)

Ronn 11 – Tears In My Eyes/Goodbye Sue

Eddie Powers Ronn (299x300)

Eddie Powers fell into Hines’ orbit through working with Earl Stanley around 1963/64.  He is a local New Orleans vocalist & the Sims 45 listed here was his first record.  Others on Sims followed & then some more on other labels (Ronn, Pitassy etc) as well.  The first Sims & the one on Ronn are the only two of his releases which bear the credits relating to this project.  Gypsy Woman Told Me was a reasonable hit in 1964 for Powers, not just locally but it also broke out up in New York.  However, it almost didn’t happen as he was only called in for the session by Stanley after the scheduled vocalist failed to show.  Powers took the chance with both hands & cut a classic track at Cosimo Matassa’s studio that day in 1963.  Hines helped promote the record by telling black radio stations he was plugging it to that Powers was black.  This enabled the track to crossover in both white & black radio markets at the time, but led to some awkward encounters with black fans while touring the record.  Eddie Powers still performs around Metairie & New Orleans, often with Earl Stanley.  They performed at the Ponderosa Stomp a few years back.


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