Hooterville Trolley

Lynnette 551 – No Silver Bird /The Warmth Of Love


A 1968 Tommy Bee production out of Albuquerque which was a local hit for the band.  Bee licensed these recordings to Hines after his departure from Lance Records.  Incredible garage fuzz psych 45.  Members included: Donald Kinney (bass), Larry Leyba (guitar), Martin Nassif (vocals/guitar), Bill Chreist (keys), Wayne Galio (guitar) & Doug Borthwick (drums).  Rhythm Guitarist Wayne Galio was unfortunately killed in a car accident.  Larry Leyba joined the band in his place.  Kinney & Borthwick are also unfortunatly deceased.  Martin Nassif was last known to be living in Florida.  The band was active circa 1967-1971 & have one other 45 as Shawn & The Junction.  The “No Silver Bird” 45 was recorded at Norman Petty’s famous studio (Buddy Holly etc) in Clovis, NM.   The band are known to have played as far afield as Oklahoma.   Curiously, this recording of “No Silver Bird” also appears on the Magic Sand LP on Uni from 1970 retitled as “Get Ready To Fly” with completely different credits.  The producer of the Magic Sand LP (Al Klein) was behind Buffalo Bill Productions in New Mexico & included “No Silver Bird” on that LP unbeknownst to the Hooterville Trolley or the songwriter Ernest Phillips.

Thanks to Bill Chreist for the clarifications.

Check out Garage Hangover for more details on the band: http://www.garagehangover.com/hooterville-trolley/



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