Jan & Ernie

Soultrack 23909/10 –  Lizabeth/Together

Jan Ernie Soultrack

I have nothing else on the folk duo Jan & Ernie other than what is written on the label.  Soultrack was apparently a Chattanooga label, distributed by Reginald, produced by Tommy Bee (so an Albuquerque connection there too).  This is the only record I’ve heard of on this “Soultrack” label & the only Reginald related record linking to Chattanooga.  It may well have been a vanity label, with no catalog number, but really I’m just speculating here, it was pressed at Rite in Cincinnati in 1969.  If anyone has any more info on Jan & Ernie (Ernest L. Phillips) or this “Soultrack” label, please get in touch.

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