Johnny LaRand

Reginald 1401 – Come On Home / The Eel (dist. by Atlas, NY)

Johnny Larand was originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida but was discoverd by Hines in Miami.   Larand had gigged extensively in the mid 60s supporting artists such as Bobby Bland (he was even pushed as Bland’s brother for a while), BB King, Junior Parker & Eddie Taylor.  He is also documented to have performed in the Bahamas as well as all over the USA.  In July of 1966 Larand appeared on The Beat TV show performing The Eel TV show performing The Eel & this gives us the best (only?) known footage of him.  The Eel is a cool number advertising a new dance while Come On Home is a great deep ballad.  He has an earlier 45 on Octavia but these two 45s appear to be his only releases.  Both sides of the Reginald 45 appear on the Folkways LP “Roots: Rhythm & Blues”.


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