Johnny Nix

johnny nix

Terrell 6179 – I Got My Brand On You/ Match Box

Another Vicki Williams production which sees Hines with part composition credits and complete publishing.  This record is raw/basic sounding blues, like an even looser Jimmy Reed (if that’s possible).  The lead guitar is underrecorded, making for a very sparse solo section and the whole effort is pretty lo-fi.  Match Box “borrows heavily” from the other blues/rockabilly song of a similar title.  I don’t know much else about Johnny Nix’s career or biography unfortunately other than he was a local Mississippi bluesman.  This is thought to be his only 45 but he was known to have been living in Benoit, MS up until at least 2009.

Updated April 2015:  Johnny Nix currently resides in a nursing home in Cleveland, MS. He is losing his sight but can still talk & sing the songs on this record.


3 thoughts on “Johnny Nix

  1. Merlana says:

    This man live an Greenville and he is a great man and will always be the there anyways i can get his record.if so call me 901/502/3984.thanks

  2. virgea says:

    Hi I’m Johnny nix niece and I been trying to get his record for him matchbox / I got my brand on you so if you could please send me a copy for him (662)3478479

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