Pops Porter

Terrell 6277 – Get Away From My Door Woman /Please If I Can’t Come In Let Me Sit On Your Porch

Terrell ? – Baby Put Your Legs Upside The Wall Let Me See If You Got Bad Blood

Bar-Bare 1299 – Baby Put Your Legs Upside The Wall Let Me See If You Got Bad Blood

Blues pianist/vocalist Pops Porter was based in the St Louis area for at least the latter part of his career (the 80s & 90s) until his death in 1999.  Baby Put Your Legs Upside The Wall Let Me See If You Got Bad Blood is a solid slow blues with what must be one of the longest song titles ever.  Also the lead guitarist, whoever it is, gets plenty of time here.  I don’t know if these are Mississippi, St Louis or Chicago recordings.  Note the different label colors available for the Bar-Bare 45 (light blue or cream), was it also released on Terrell?  Thanks to Guitar Frank for pointing me in the direction of more info on Pops Porter.

2 thoughts on “Pops Porter

  1. Guitar Frank says:

    I’m almost certain that this is the same Pops Porter with whom I performed one night in 1985 or ’86, at 1860 Saloon, in St. Louis, Mo. The piano playing on “Baby Put Your Legs Upside The Wall” sounds just like him and uses the same progression of chords he usually used when playing blues. I’m guessing he’s also the singer, though his voice sounds younger. He was a versatile musician, with a large repertoire, that included jazz, gospel, r&b and pop, as well as blues. He usually worked solo. He also played at Rich Andrews’ Bar and Broussard’s Cajun Restaurant in those days. He lived in the Old Hat Factory Senior Apartments, in the Soulard neighborhood. I seem to recall him saying that he was originally from Mississippi, but had been living in St. Louis for quite a few years. Evidently he died in 1999. There is a photograph of him at http://www.bluesworld.com. Hearing this recording by him is a very pleasant surprise – Thank-you.

  2. Guitar Frank says:

    Hey Hey, it’s me again. I recently moved back to the St. Louis area and have it on good authority from someone who knew Pops Porter better than I did that Pops had told him that he was originally from Greenville, Mississippi. Pops also told him that he had recorded records in Chicago. Presumably, these are the records of which Pops spoke, as no one knows of any others. I’ve also remembered that Pops performed weekly at Mike & Min’s in Soulard for awhile in the 1980s. Great website – I’ve enjoyed it very much.

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