The Barons

Lynn’s 712 – Call On Me/Until The End

Folkways FWRBF20 – Various Artists – Roots: Rhythm and Blues LP

The Barons were a long running New Orleans vocal group, active for about a decade through to 1974, who fell in with Hines for a brief time early in their career.  At least four sides were recorded on them at Cosimo Matassa’s studio and the backing is probably Al White & The Hi-Liters.  Said to have been chosen to appear on The Beat TV show along with other artists managed by Hines, they do not appear on the DVDs of the show (although admittedly these are incomplete).  In 1996 a CD compilation on the group was released but none of the Lynn’s recordings were included (the CD cover shot is the picture at the top of this page and most likely does not show the members on the Lynn’s recordings).

At the time of the Lynn’s association the group members would have been: James Youngblood, Lloyd Shepard and twins Albert & Alvin Savoy.   My first exposure to the group was their work with Eddie Bo on his “Gotta Have More” 45 on Blue Jay which slightly predates the Lynn’s association.

Of the four sides recorded under Hines; “Call On Me” & “Until The End” were coupled on a Lynn’s 45 while “Until The End”, “I Can Jerk All Night” & “There’s A Dream For You” all appeared on the Folkways LP.  The last three were all A. Savoy (I don’t know which twin) compositions which saw Hines also receive his usual co-writers credit.

The Barons have an earlier 45 on Etah and after parting ways with Hines, as well as a number of lineup changes, the group went on to release further 45s on the Shagg, Mode, Shout, Chimneyville, Super Dome, Alithia & Sugar Cane labels before disbanding in 1974.


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