The Perails

Odex 4002 – Sweetness (1963)

perails odex

Todd 1094 – Boss Walk

Folkways FJ2865 – Roots: The Rock & Roll Sound Of Louisiana & Mississippi LP – Boss Walk

The Perails were a New Orleans based group who were around in the early days of Reginald/Lynn’s.  The Odex 45 would have been right after the Barbara Jean 45 and as we can see from that and the Boss Walk 45 Allen Orange is listed as a composer.  The Odex 45 Billboard listing also mentions Orange’s publishing company so it’s a safe bet he had a hand in that too.  Both the Barbara Jean & The Perails 45s on Odex are extremely rare.  Boss Walk saw 45 release on the Nashville based Todd label and I wonder if this was through Allen Orange’s move to Nashville or through Hines’ travels.  Boss Walk appears as the last track on the Folkways LP.

2 thoughts on “The Perails

  1. Bob Degutis says:

    I have a copy of “Sweetness on Odex 4002 and would be glad to send a scan and MP3.

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