The Soul Twins

Big Beat 1287 – If It’s Something You Got And It’s Worth Having Hold On To It/ Come On Everybody Get With The Beat Let Me Take You To Soul Town USA (1972)

soul twins big beat 2

Hailing from Magee, Mississippi, The Patterson Twins; Estus & Lester would go on to record for the King, Ronn & Malaco labels among others.  After leaving the gospel group The Southern Sons they released this Big Beat 45 as their debut in 1972 under the Soul Twins moniker. Confusingly, it shares the same 1287 catalog release number as another Vicki Williams 45 in the Big Beat discography.
At the time of this recording The Pattersons were based in Erie PA & performed & toured extensively with The Years People Band. They recorded six songs for Hines but only this 45 was released. These two songs were recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis with Willie Mitchell (Hi Records). The brothers had heard about Henry Hines & Big Beat, so they went to inquire & signed a deal with him.

The Years People band provide the backing on this 45 (as with the Frank Tenella 45 on Odex).  Frank Tenella, The Soul Twins & The Years People Band all performed & toured together at this time. At some point the Years People Band also featured Ann Bogan (who replaced Gladys Horton in The Marvelettes). Members of the Years People Band included: Wayne Preston (saxophone), “C” (trombone), James Barnes (trumpet), Hank Chapman (bass) & Jackie Payne (lead guitar).

The brothers have recorded both secular & gospel music over the years & are thankfully still with us, singing & producing music.  As of August 2017, Lester is living back in Mississippi while Estus is living in California where he performs & records under the name EZ Patterson & runs the Kon-Kord record label. Their recent recordings as The Patterson Twins & EZ Patterson are available online.

For interest, below is a Patterson Brothers discography:

Estus & Lester Patterson 1970s discography
Magee MS/Erie PA

The Soul Twins w/The Years People Band
Unreleased 4 song acetate cut at Cleveland Recording Studio
Big Beat 1287 – If It’s Something You Got & It’s Worth Having Hold On To It/Come On Everybody Get With The Beat Let Me Take You To Soul Town USA (cut in Memphis at Royal/Hi w/Willie Mitchell)

The Patterson Twins
Star Fox 77-6 – Back In Love Again/A Good Thing
King 6407 – If I Ever Got You Back/I Got Some Problems
King 6422 – Back In Love Again/Come To Me
Ronn 84 – To Be Lonely/Looking For A Lover
Malaco 1036 – I Need Your Love/Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (cut at Malaco in Jackson MS)
Commercial 35 – Funk Machine/You Give Me Someone To Love
Commercial 42 – Gonna Find A True Love
Commercial 784 – Let Me Be Your Lover LP

Thank you to Estus Patterson for providing valuable information for this page.
Check out his Kon-Kord Records website here

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