Vicki Williams

Big Beat 1273 –  Your Love Makes Me Stay When I Know I Should Go /Henvick & His Gang – Do The Breakdown (1971)

Big Beat 1287 – The Best Of Luck To You / You’re In The Army But I Wish You Were Here

Big Beat 1299 – Do I Make Myself Clear / The Best Of Luck To You

Morgan Park 7711 –  Help Me Make Up My Mind (The Best Of Luck To You) /Do I Make Myself Clear

Apart from Henry Reginald Hines, his wife Vicki Williams grew to be the other main player in this whole saga.  Joining the company in the mid-60s, she worked with Hines at Lynn’s One Stop on Muscadine St helping to run operations as well as an artist & songwriter.  By 1972 she is listed as General Manager of Lynn’s Productions and was there for the move to Chicago & the change to/incorporation of REW/MTVH etc.  She may also have used the aliases Annette Davis and Velma Williams among others and has other 45s under the names Vikki Styles and Vicki Starr.  Vicki Williams’ name appears on many of the Greenville 45s from the late 60s on.    What we can say for certain is that she was a good singer & songwriter who left behind a number of quality productions, Do I Make Myself Clear is a cover of the Etta James/Sugar Pie DeSanto track.  You’re In The Army Now is the same song recorded by The Sparks on Della as Don’t Forget The Girl Back Home.  Best Of Luck To You (Help Me Make Up My Mind) is a cover of the Larry Lee ballad which was also cut by Earl Gaines on HBR & Geater Davis on House of Orange (Hines changed the title, registered it as a Reginald song & pocketed the royalties from the Help Me Make Up My Mind pressing).  Your Love Makes Me Stay is the same song as Your Unusual Love (written by Clarence Reid) recorded by Edie Walker on MEW. Aside from Hines, Williams would appear to be the person most able to unravel the workings of the Greenville operations.   Vicki Williams, where did you go?  Click the following links for more on her recordings as Vikki Styles and Vicki Starr.

The complete promo flyer for “Your Love Makes Me Stay”

vicki williams flyer

Generic gig poster



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