Vikki Styles

Odex 1043 – The Tears Won’t Stop Falling/If I Didn’t Love You (1967)

Leno 1532 – Mark My Words Love Will Never Die / Without Your Love I Can’t Make It

Virtue Acetate – I Didn’t Know

Vikki Styles aka Vicki Williams aka Vicki Starr is pretty much the artist that made me want to know more about the whole Greenville operation.  A few years ago I pulled a copy of The Tears Won’t Stop Falling out of a box of Polka 45s in amongst a lot of tens of thousands of 45s acquired from a closed store in Wisconsin.  It was a label I’d never seen, an artist I’d not heard of and a blatant reworking of Open The Door To Your Heart.  Written (or vaguely re-written) by Hines & Williams it is a great raw piece of funky soul.  I’ve found a couple more copies since then but still really rate the record and wish I could tell you more about Vikki/Vicki Styles/Williams.  Her Leno 45 is also great (& much easier to find) and follows the same formula of one side of funky soul backed with a great minimalist deep ballad, wobbly horns & all.  She also has a 45 on Lynn’s as Vicki Starr.  An alleged unreleased acetate surfaced a few years ago which I’d like to get some more infor on as well. Vikki Styles is one of the gems in the Greenville catalog and I’d love to know what happened to her.  Click on the Vicki Williams and Vicki Starr links to read more about her recordings under those names.

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