Virgil Griffin

Reginald 1402 –  I’m On My Way/Love Will Never Die

Reginald 1403 – If You Can’t Go/A Forgotten Lover

Virgil Griffin & The Rhythm Kings released these two 45s on Reginald in the late 60s.  Curiously, If You Can’t Go & I’m On My Way are the same recording with different titles, a great slice of funky soul.  The other two songs are ballads, A Forgotten Lover is a cool spooky sounding track but Love Will Never Die is a bit more of pop sounding ballad.  Hines takes sole credit for the songwriting on 1402 but Griffin gets shared credit on 1403.  1402 has the Muscadine St. address but 1403 has the Nelson St. address.  The Rhythm Kings also backed up The Cherries on their Big Beat 45 & Ervin Little on Hines.  Virgil Griffin has a later 45 on Shout and another much rarer one on GRM.


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