W. Williams, Sonny Wash, James Scott & The Blue Men

Big Beat 133-1272 – The Blue Men/W. Williams & James Scott – Muhammad Ali Soul Dance/I Had A Dream I Love My Baby & I Can’t Do Without Her Love

Little Lynn 569 – W. Williams & Sonny Wash – Don’t Lie To Me Lover /W. Williams – Mississippi Roundhouse aka Christmas Blues Beat

Henvick 133-867 – W.Williams & Sonny Wash – Funky Broadway /Down Home Blues

Great raw funky blues out of is what we get here.  Sonny Wash & James Scott were the vocalists, W. Williams is believed to be the drummer/bandleader  “Wine Head” Willie Williams.  I’m not sure if the Blue Men were a real band or some sort of Hines/Williams made up group like Henvick & His Gang.  The Little Lynn & Henvick 45s are highly recommended.  Funky Broadway is of course the Dyke & The Blazers track.  Somewhat confusingly, there is an alternate pressing of the Little Lynn’s 45 with Mississippi Roundhouse retitled as Christmas Blues Beat, but the same release number.


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