Willie Buck

Bar-Bare 17077 – How Can I Be Nice To You / Get On Down & Disco To The Blues (also released on IRC with slightly altered title)

Bar-Bare 1147 – It’s Alright / Sweet Sixteen (Reginald Pub.) (1982)

Bar-Bare 10304 – It’s Alright (LP) (1982) (later expanded & reissued on Delmark under the title The Life I Love)

Mississippi born Blues vocalist Willie Crawford arrived in Chicago in the mid-50s.  In the 70s he changed his last name to Buck and gigged steadily through the 70s & 80s.  His records are heavy on the Muddy Waters influence (which isn’t a bad thing) and he has a couple of other 45s on the Arrow label.  The Willie Buck 45s on Bar-Bare are a lot later (late 70s/early 80s)than the other 45s on the label (late 60s).  Willie Buck calls Bar-Bare his label so I’d like to know how/if the earlier Bar-Bare 45s relate to him as the Reginald publishing credit definitely appears on his own later Bar-Bare releases.  Little Mac Simmons worked with buth Buck & Hines so the connection may be through him.

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