Big Beat

108 – Naomi BradlyA Fool In Love/Why Not Tonight (1965)

Naomi Bradly Big Beat

1017 – The KiddsStraighten Up & Fly Right /See What My Love Means (1967)

1018 – Vic LeeI’m Coming Home Soon/ Minit Skirt

1267 – Little EddieThere’ll Be A Day When You’ll Be Glad To Have Me Around /Wonder What Makes My Way So Hard (1969)

1268 – Chick WillisSo Hurt

1269 – The Cherries – Don’t Know Much About Love/ Why Don’t You Love Me & Treat Me Right Because I Been Loving You For A Long Long Time

1273 – Vicki Williams /Henvick & His Gang – Your Love Makes Me Stay When I Know I Should Go / Do The Breakdown (1971)

1276 – Little Eddie – Listen Baby Please Be Good To Me/I Don’t Want Nobody Digging In My Potato Field (Atlanta, Georgia address)

1287 – The Soul Twins – If It’s Something You Got And It’s Worth Having Hold On To It / Come On Everybody Get With The Beat Let Me Take You To Soul City USA (1972-The Patterson Twins’ first 45?)

soul twins big beat 2

1287 – Vicki Williams – The Best Of Luck To You / You’re In The Army But I Wish You Were Here

1297 – Larry FosterFunky Belly

1297 – The Country GentlemenRevenue Man/Folsom Prison

country gentlemen big beat

1299 – Vicki Williams – Do I Make Myself Clear / The Best Of Luck To You

1376  – L. Johnson Jr.You Gotta Have Soul /I Been Down So Long (1972)

9747 – Chick WillisI Can Deal With That /My Bowlegged Woman

133-1272 – The Blue Men/W. Williams & James ScottMuhammad Ali Soul Dance/I Had A Dream I Love My Baby & I Can’t Do Without Her Love

Big Beat appears to be one of Hines/Williams’ most prolific imprints running from the late 60s to the early 70s.  Releases are pulled from Mississippi, New Mexico & Chicago so there is a bit of variety represented here.  Note there are a couple of eras here, in the mid-60s Big Beat was operating out of New Orleans.  There are a few 45s on this earlier version but I’m still uncertain as to how many of those Hines was involved with directly.  The Naomi Bradly 45 definitely has the Lynn’s production credit & Hines is listed as songwriter on Why Not Tonight.

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