1042 – Fe-Fi-Four Plus 2 – Mr Sweet StuffPick Up Your Head (1967)

1043 – Vikki StylesThe Tears Won’t Stop Falling/If I Didn’t Love You (1967)

1044 – Alice Thomas – A Girl’s Tears / I’m Coming Home (1967)

1067 – Frank Tenella & Years People – Funky Drop (Part 1) / You Came Along And Changed My Whole Life And Made It Worth Living

1711 – The Premiers – Speaking Of You / Funky Monkey (also issued on JOB late 1970)

4001 – Barbara JeanWhile You’re Out Shopping/You Don’t Love Me (No More) (1963)

4002 – The PerailsSweetness (1963)

perails odex

There appears to be two incarnations of this label.  The earlier one featured the involvement of Allen Orange & Earl King with two releases around 1963.  I am unsure what involvement Hines had in those releases but his involvement with Allen Orange on the second Perails 45 on Todd would suggest he was somewhere in the picture or thereabouts.  Later on around 1967 Hines/Williams revived the Odex name out of his One-Stop in Greenville and used it for another four releases.


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