335 – Slim Willis – I Sayed That/Wine Me Up Baby

555/556 – Little Eddie – The Skrooch/Teddy Bear Blues

1401 – Johnny LaRand – Come On Home / The Eel (dist. by Atlas, NY) (1966)

1402 – Virgil Griffin – I’m On My Way (same track as If You Can’t Go under a different title)/Love Will Never Die

1403 – Virgil GriffinIf You Can’t Go Don’t Hinder Me (same track as I’m On My Way but just a different title)/A Forgotten Lover

1411 – The TrademarquesI Can Set You Free / Free Your Fears

1487 – Chick WillisMr Moon Man /You Win Again

1488 – Soul LeeI Need You/I Lost Someone I Wish I Had

1489 – Dungill Sisters – I’m Your Puppet On A String /People Are Getting Worried Tina

8670 – Eva Larse – Won’t Someone Help This Poor Lost Soul/The Man Does Something To Me

8671 – Carolyn Faye – Oh Baby I’m Yours/That’s All I Need Baby

9747 – Chick WillisThe Way You’re Stooping Down/My Bowlegged Woman (also on Markeda)

38701 – Heavenly Kings Singers – Going Back With Jesus/If You Wake Up In The Morning


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