Alex Spearman

Satin 2-102 – Mama-Ka-Toko-Laka-Poo-Poo-Ya /On Our Wedding Day

Dover 4104 – What In The World/Please Baby Please

White Cliff 217 – I’ll Whip It On You /Down The Aisle (1965)

Choctaw 102 – I’ll Whip It On You /Down The Aisle

White Cliffs 232 – You’ll Never Find Another Man Like Me /Stranded In The Desert

New Orleans vocalist Alex Spearman cut his first records (under the name Sailor Boy) in California with Johnny Otis while there with the Navy in the mid-50s.  By the 60s he was out of the service & back in New Orleans where he cut a 45 for the RIP label before falling in with Hines related artists the Hi-Liters and their guitarist/songwriter Leon (Dave) Bonds.  This resulted in a grip of mid-60s 45s on the Satin, Dover, White Cliffs & Choctaw labels which variously featured production or writing credits for Bonds or Hines.  Spearman’s biggest seller was Down The Aisle which appeared on both White Cliff & Choctaw (with added overdubs).  After this flurry of recordings Spearman has 1970s 45s on the Volume & Rosemont labels as well as a 1980s release on Kolab.  Alex Spearman had a fine voice and all these 1960s 45s are well worth checking out, he was also a good songwriter with a number of these tracks being his own compositions.  Note the two label variations for White Cliffs 217.

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