The Sheltons

Bar-Bare 1265 – Find It / I Who Have Nothing (1967)

Yet another release to come from the Tommy Bee, Lance Records operation out of New Mexico.  Find It was actually the first soul 45 issued on the initially garage heavy Lance label.  Recorded at Dell Studios in Albuquerque, Find It was something of a regional hit in the South West region in early 1967.  An LP on Lance was mentioned but never eventuated.  I Who Have Nothing was released as a follow up later in the year and was a comparable local success.   Hines licensed the two A sides for the Bar-Bare release, naturally adding Reginald Publishing credits.  Tommy Bee also licensed I Who Have Nothing to Dot for a national release early in ’68.  Unfortunately for the band they were unable to capitalize on this as Uncle Sam came knocking, the Draft essentially stopping any momentum the band had.  The band members were: Steve Lucero (vocals, keyboard, sax), George (Bud) Lucero (guitar), Robert Elks (guitar), Ray Avila (bass) & Toby Romero (drums).  Other members to pass through the band were:  Eddie Sanchez, Max Peralta, Jerry Chavez & Randy Castillo.


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