Doug Anderson/Doug & Dave

USA 798 – Doug Anderson – Teardrops/I Need Someone (1965)

Bronze 1673 – Doug & Dave – Let’s Monkey Too/Don’t Know Much About Love

USA 799 – Doug & Dave – Let’s Monkey Too/Don’t Know Much About Love

Bronze 1670 – Doug & Dave – Let’s Make Love/Don’t Let Me Go

Folkways 2865 – Roots: The Rock and Roll Sound of Louisiana & Mississippi LP: Going Steady

New Orleans vocalist Doug Anderson has a later 45 on Janus but it is his earlier recordings which relate to Hines.  He has a solo 45 released on USA and a couple of duo 45s with Dave Bonds on USA and Bronze.  Dave Bonds worked closely with Hines for a while as a songwriter & guitarist/vocalist with Al White’s Hi-liters.  Doug & Dave were also both members of the New Orleans vocal group The Sonics who recorded for White Cliffs.   As an artist, Doug Anderson toured with more famous artists such as Irma Thomas & Ernie K-Doe but the four solo tracks, five by Doug & Dave and The Sonics output is believed to be his complete recorded legacy.  Doug Anderson was last said to be living in Baton Rouge singing with a local gospel group called The Evangelistics.  Dave (Leon) Bonds currently (2015) resides in Mississippi. “Teardrops” from the Doug Anderson USA 45 was later covered by James K-Nine as Counting Tear Drops on the Hot Hit and Federal labels.


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