Barbara Jean

Odex 4001 – While You’re Out Shopping/You Don’t Love Me (No More) (1963)

A rare 45 on the earlier incarnation of the Odex label.  The vocalist is Barbara Jean George (now Barbara Jean White). It is a typical but great sounding double sider of early/mid 60s style New Orleans R&B.  It features Allen Orange & Earl King’s names in the writing credits, so it has some pedigree from these two great writers.  It would appear to be from the very early days of Hines’ operations in New Orleans & it ties in with the Allen Orange related Perails tracks, but it may be so early that it predates Hines’ involvement entirely.  The 133 prefix on the master matches other Odex 45s and to have two labels named Odex in a similar location within a few years of each other is a pretty big coincidence so my guess is they would have to be related (but I am happy to be proven wrong).  Note that this is so early that there is no mention of Reginald or Lynn’s anywhere on the label.  It appears that possibly after the mythically rare Perails “Sweetness” 45 (Odex 4002) that Allen Orange possibly split for Nashville & Hines waited some 4 years to revive the Odex name  (but I’m really just assuming things here).  I’d like to find out for sure what the real story was and how/if this record is related. 


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