Lady Margo

MVTH 007 – I’ve Got Just The Thing Pt.1 & 2 (1974)

MTH 3947 – This Is My Prayer /I’ve Got Just The Thing (1974)

Joyce Fargo recorded under the names Lady Margo and Sister Margo and seems to have been active for a decade from the early 70s, starting off as a vocalist in Arlean Brown’s Streaker’s X-Rated Revue.   A fine singer, the MTH/MVTH sides are Chicago recordings and are products of what Hines & Williams’ operation had morphed into after settling in Chicago in the 70s.  Under the MTH/MTVH/MVTH/REW etc guises it appears that the company was more about distribution and licensing outside productions for release & shared the So. Cottage Grove address with a nightclub, studio & labels all related to the wheeling & dealing of Johnny Pepper & Mack Simmons.  Lady Margo’s “I’ve Got Just The Thing” initially appeared on the Soul World label before being re-released with REW distro.  Margo/Joyce has later 45s on Cynthia out of Phoenix and resorted to Gospel material in the early 80s including a record on Leric as Sister Margo & The Healing Choir.   Note the Yellow & Red label variations as well as the Williams, Hines & Reginald credits.


One thought on “Lady Margo

  1. Jessie Barnes-Harris says:

    A very special lady. Uniquely talented and wonderfully funny. My Auntie

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