Frank Tenella & Years People

Odex 1067 – Funky Drop (Part 1) / You Came Along And Changed My Whole Life And Made It Worth Living

Hailing from Uniontown AL, Frank Cooper performed under the name Frank Tenella & was based out of Cleveland OH in the late 60s/early 70s. His side here is a stunning piece of deep soul with probably the longest title in a family of labels with some really long titles.  The Years People Band get to do their thing on the flip with the aptly titled Funky Drop.  The Years People Band was also based in Cleveland & are also the band on The Soul Twins Big Beat 45. Frank Tenella, The Soul Twins & The Years People Band all performed & toured together at this time. At some point the band also featured Ann Bogan (who replaced Gladys Horton in The Marvelettes). It is thought that this is Frank Tenella’s only 45. He later returned to Uniontown & is believed to have passed away. Members of the Years People Band included: Wayne Preston (saxophone), “C” (trombone), James Barnes (trumpet), Hank Chapman (bass) & Jackie Payne (lead guitar).

Thanks to Estus Patterson for providing valuable information about Frank Cooper & The Years People Band.


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